Dominate the streets

Vehicle branding

Branded vehicles are always in motion, making them cost-effective and continuous moving billboards. At Advertising Industries (Pvt) Ltd we can create custom full-color car wraps that transform simple cars into attention grabbing works of art. Our team will transform your vision into a powerful ‘in motion advertising machine.’

Vehicle branding can be quite complex and requires great skill to produce the ultimate eye-catching piece. Our expert design team will work with you to assist in the overall design of your car or truck’s wrap. We understand that your vehicle is a vital part of your business operations and we will work with you to make sure your car is finished on time. Our large workshop allows for our team to work smoothly so weather will not be a factor in delivering your car wrap on time. We are fully equipped to meet all of your custom car graphic & wrapping needs whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of delivery vans and trucks.

Types of vehicle branding solutions we offer

1. Complete vehicle wrap

A large format vinyl sticker applied to the whole vehicle, creating a moving mobile billboard for outdoor exposure

2. Partial vehicle wrap

A vinyl sticker covering only part of the vehicle, such as the boot and rear window, while the rest of the vehicle remains untouched

3. Vinyl sticker

A quicker and easier form of advertising. Only a simple sticker of varying size is applied to the car

4. Contravision

Applied to the side and rear windows on the vehicle, contravision stickers can be used as a standalone opportunity or added to partial or vinyl sticker advertising, helping to enhance impact. The graphics are applied to the outside of the vehicles, still allowing the occupants to see outside.